TheLuxe Africa is a multilingual business facilitation and consultancy firm that services the economic marketplace throughout Africa by advising and connecting clients to the right partners across the Continent and abroad.

Our passion is fueled by the combined economies of African countries which are expected to grow and surpass the workforce of China and India by 2034; additionally, the current African consumer and business spends a total of $4 trillion (Harvard Business Review, 2016). The projected data encourages us to engage and partner with the right brands to unlock new opportunities for enterprises in Africa.

With a primary emphasis on market entry & expansion strategies, our mission is to empower our clients in maturing markets to thrive and be competitive in Africa’s economic marketplace. Our vision is to be the premier link between African enterprises and available resources worldwide to propel them to the next level of success.

Our firm focuses on maintaining excellent relationships within a wide network of professionals worldwide to help clients start new ventures, innovate new products and offerings as well as improve on current strategic management methods.


Since our inception in 2012, TheLuxe Africa has committed to delivering a tailored service that is based on client demand and criteria. We believe in first understanding the needs of the companies, and then working with integrity to best represent their interests whilst minimizing their exposure to risk in new markets. It is our imperative to stimulate profitable growth and address challenges across industries on the Continent by partnering with both multinational and local firms on the journey towards global leadership.


TheLuxe Africa assist our clients in navigating the complex terrains of doing business in Africa by formulating market entry strategies that mitigate risks and maximize opportunities to ensure business success. We structure multinational agreements that help clients save time, reduce costs and increase profits by strictly working with reputable firms who are reliable industry leaders with a proven track record through our due diligence process.

We understand that firms need to assimilate cultural norms when creating new business relationships and closing important deals.  We work with enthusiasm, discretion, and professionalism to guarantee that companies grow and perform at a superior level.

At TheLuxe Africa our role is to support our clients and increase their potential for success by ensuring their transaction entails:

Alignment of Core Values & Interests

Long-term Shared Purpose

Complementary Strengths

Proactive, Intentional Communication

Strategic Planning

Mutual Trust & Transparency